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What to Expect

Throughout my writing, you will find stories that tackle the darker side of the human psyche. Though they might make some uncomfortable, stories such as these help us to better understand the twisted realities that many find themselves trapped within.

Humanity can be brutal, painful, and at its core, unsympathetic to those who suffer. However, as we traverse the dark corridors of our existence, these narratives’ objective is to help us find meaning and empathy. They may help us create a better understanding of the people we encounter and discover a deeper truth, as we delve into the fragmented lives of a diverse group of characters.


Making Monsters: Dark Origins

Release Date: May 22nd, 2023

Battling to survive his savage surroundings, Vander, a boy with a supernatural gift, finds himself in a cat and mouse game with a sophisticated serial killer while also helping his mentor evade corrupt local authorities.
Living in a South African slum, Vander faces dangers from an abusive father, roaming street gangs and predatory police officers. His supernatural premonitions become more horrifying by the day as he struggles to understand them.
Befriended by a wealthy Englishman, who believes in the boy, Vander sees an opportunity to change his destiny. But, suddenly, Vander realizes that a serial killer is closing in on him.

In order to survive, will he be forced to unleash his own monster from within?

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“For delivering intrigue, suspense, mystery, emotions, and thrill, readers of mystery will find the intricacies of the book’s plot satisfying. I recommend this book to rational minds, not only for the thrill it provides but also for the many disturbing truths about our reality that it brings to the fore. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.”

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Published Novels


Release Date: November 11, 2020

Luke Bolton, a troubled college professor, kidnaps Abigail Davies, a brilliant psychologist, in order to assist a host of vengeful spirits extract their revenge upon their ex-therapist or risk being tormented by the angry ghosts forever. As Abigail fights for her life, Luke struggles with his sanity as the couple wage a psychological war, each battling to survive, as their battle plays out in the vast, desert wastelands of New Mexico.

Short Stories

Five Vengeful Specters: A Prequel Series to the Novel “Vengeful”

An insecure child, peer pressure and an evil little girl make for a bad combination…


A friendly woman gets more than she bargained for when welcoming a new neighbor…


Most counselors do their best to help people, some have other agendas…


Some people get what they deserve, others are just caught in the cross fire…


Sometimes destiny is unavoidable like a train. Then again, destiny is an option…


Upcoming Novels

Of Stars & Magic

Release Date: Fall, 2023

When the lights go out and technology fails, magic reigns.  In order to save the world and the dimension descending upon it, Landon, a troubled-teen, must accept his innate, mysterious powers and trust his science-savvy friend Stylist, if he hopes to merge their warring worlds.

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